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St. John Bosco CC

Higher Education



FETAC awards



Ireland’s National Learners’ Database.


 Central Applications Office


Gaeilge:    “Blas” by E. O’ Loingsigh – Folens – Honours Only
                 “Lasair” (Mentor) Ordinary Level Only

English:    “Poetry Now 2018” – Higher Level - Celtic Press
(Higher)    “King Lear” by William Shakespeare. Mentor Books

                 Higher Level Leaving Cert. Exam Papers  - Ed. Company.
                “The Plough and the Stars” by Seán O’ Casey
                “Foster” by Claire Keegan.

(Ordinary)  “Poetry now 2018” – (Ord. Level)) – (By Niall Mac Monagle).
                  “BIG MAGGIE” by John B. Keane
                  Ordinary level exam papers – Ed. Company
                 “English Key Notes 2018” – Ordinary Level - Mentor


Maths :    “Text and Test 3”  (New Edition) – Ordinary Level – (by O. D. Morris).
                “FX – 83GT PLUS -  Casio Calculator – Compulsory-

                All students ONLY THIS   MODEL IS ACCEPTABLE
                Maths tables -State Examination Commission – All Students
                Leaving Cert Higher Level – Text and Test 4, 5, 6, 7
               A4 Project Maths copies needed by all students – also Geometry set.

               Also A4 Hardback Copy


Geography:    “Today’s World” BOOK 2  – (New edition only)  (by Liam Ashe and Kieran Mc  Carthy) – Edco.


History:    Politics & Society in Northern Ireland (M.E. Collins) EDCO
                USA & The World (M DeBuitleir & S. Tonge) EDCO
                2 A4 Copies.


Biology:    “Leaving Cert Biology” – (by Michael O’Callaghan ) – (Ed. Company) – (Revised    and Updated edition only)
                  Large A4 Ring Binder. A4 Hardback Copy.


Chemistry:  “Chemistry Live” – Leaving Cert. – (By Declan Kennedy) -FOLENS

Business:    “Global Business” (New edition only) – (by John O’ Connor) – (Folens) Work   Book also.

Accounting:    “Accounting for Senior Cycle” - (by Christy Tyrrell) -  (Ed. Company)
Revised edition 2006 – TO BE BOUGHT FROM TEACHER ONLY OR 2016 Leaving Certs


Home –
Economics:    “Lifelines” ( by Carmel Enright and Maureen Flynn) – New Edition only – Folens.

French:          “Tout va bien ” – New Edition – Folens (No A4 Copes for French!)
                       Cle a la grammaire   Ed .  ie


Art:    “Appreciating Art for Leaving Cert” – by Aine Ni Chartaigh and Aidan O’ Sullivan.
          “Less Stress more Success “– Art Revision Book (by Gill and Mc Millian)
          2B Pencils and Topper and Plastic Eraser
          €15 for materials.


L.C.V.P:    L.C.V.P. Link Modules – Caroline Mc Hale – Folens – New Edition.


Studies:    “Get Constructive” – Eva Corcoran – Seán King, William Nolan –
                 Large 45° and 60° set squares, scale ruler, 2H pencil, hard back copy, A4 folder.


German:    “Deutsch Kamplett” – Leaving Cert German – (By M.D. Quinn and D. Mc Grath) –                Folens
                 “Hὃrthemen 2”
                “Übung macht den Meister”
                 1 Hardback A4 Copy. 2 other A4 copies for work.


Religion:  10 Euro will be collected from each Student in September for Book Rental


Engineering: “New Engineering Technology” Third Edition – Smith and Hennessy – Edco
                     A4 Hardback Copy, A4 Refill Pad, A4 Pocket Folder.


Guidance:    €16 for the Reach + Programme Booklet and Internet Programme.


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