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St. John Bosco CC

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School Rules & Policies



That you show respect, consideration and good manners in your dealings with teachers, other staff members, other students, visitors and local residents.


2. Bullying

Bullying (Disrespect of another person/ see definition in the schools anti-bullying policy) is completely forbidden and any offence will be taken as a very serious breach of discipline.
There is never justification for harassment, bullying, assault and sexual harassment of any individual and any such incident will be dealt with under the disciplinary procedure and may render the culprit subject to sanctions.


3. That you respect the School environment and School property


4.  School's dress code
That you come to School in full uniform, clean and tidy including appropriate footwear. The Principal/Deputy Principal reserves the right to decide on the appropriateness of personal presentation.


5. Time keeping

 That you come to School every day, arrive on time, attend all classes, and be properly prepared for your subjects.

The school day is from 8:55am - 3:50pm and Friday from 8:55am - 1.10pm- An assembly takes place every morning in the P.E. hall at 8.55am - where the roll will be called.  Latecomers will not be allowed into first class. .


6.  Lockers

Students are not allowed to their lockers between classes – (only before school begins, at break times and after school ends).


7.   Eating or drinking is not allowed in class.


8.  (a)  Smoking (this includes all types of cigarettes and electric/e cigarettes) is absolutely forbidden on the school grounds.
(b)  Chewing gum and bottles of tippex are forbidden in the school.
(c)  The use of electronic devices including mobile phones, smart phones, smart watches, electronic tablets and lasers are forbidden in the school.   
Students who breach this rule will have this device confiscated for a minimum of one week or a parent/guardian may collect the device from the office if they so wish.


9.  Alcohol, Offensive Weapons or Drugs
-That you do not use addictive/intoxicating substances.

-That you do not bring into the School or have in your possession objects likely to cause injury or harm.

The use, distribution and/or possession of illegal drugs is absolutely forbidden and will be reported to the relevant authorities. Possession or use of any Illegal substance while on the school premises, en route to and from school, or while participating in any school related activities is strictly forbidden.  Breach of aforementioned will result in recommendation to the Board of Management for exclusion, as per the School Policy on substance use. The consumption of alcohol and/or the misuse of solvents is strictly forbidden.


10. School’s Internet Policy
All students are bound by our Internet Policy-
Defamatory material or any material which may be offensive or racist to the recipient is specifically forbidden from being communicated verbally, by e-mail, or any other messaging method. Any breach of this rule will be considered to be extremely serious and may lead to suspension or expulsion.


11.   Litter/Waste
(a) Litter should be put in the litter bins located throughout the school and its grounds.
(b)  Recyclable waste should be put in the appropriate bins.

12. Absenteeism - Arriving late
(a)  All absences must be explained by a telephone call from a parent or guardian by 10 a.m. on the day of absenteeism and a written note from parents/guardians should be provided to the school, when the student returns to school.
(b) Pupils may not leave the school before 3.50pm (Monday to Thursday) and 1.30pm (Friday) without permission.
(c) A note is required in advance of all appointments during school time. Students must be signed out and back in on return by a Parent/Guardian.
(d) Pupils arriving late must report to the office.


13. During school hours, students are expected to remain on the defined school grounds.   

14. School journal
(a) Assigned homework, learning and written, must be recorded in your journal.
(b)The use of a school journal is compulsory and must be maintained in good condition and have a parental signature confirming acceptance of the school rules. It should be available for inspection by the teachers at all times. The removal of any page from the journal will be treated with the utmost seriousness.
(c)  Students are expected to get their journal signed by a Parent/Guardian at the end of each week. Student journals are inspected each Monday morning during first class by their Class Teacher and monitored by their Yearhead.
15. That you adhere to Health and Safety regulations and follow all school policies.

Rules provide a framework for reasonable and responsible behaviour.
All rules apply while in School, during examination time and while away from School on official School trips or matches.
 All rules apply to all students including those who are over 18 years of age.

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