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Young Scientists 2015 Project


Students  : Diarmuid O'Donnell, Emmett McMahon, Bianca Tully.



Many parents, teachers, and educationalists view the use of calculators especially at National Schools as a retrograde step in mathematical reasoning and development, citing that young students are unable to do basic mental calculations.

Young Scientist Maths Game

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The ability to multiply and divide seems to be particularly poor amongst young people, not to mention a lack of awareness of prime numbers.It was noted that the recognition and value of prime numbers are key learning outcomes for project Maths at both Leaving and Junior Cert. This project aims to develop an application (app) that develops mathematical skills in multiplication, division and in the value of prime numbers and does so in a fun way that young students enjoy.

The application can be developed for larger numbers, and indeed square numbers e.g. 4, 9, 16, etc.  The game was tested before the app was developed and 1st year students at our school seemed to enjoy playing the game and at the same time developed their mathematical skills.  The application makes the game more accessible in a fun and interesting to students.

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